About Vibcon

We are a highly qualified human team, flexible and able to adapt to changing situations.

Our products are the result of the synergy between the solutions designed by our engineering department and the vibroacoustical problems of our clients.

It is therefore very important for us to establish a direct link with our final client, as well as the commitment to produce within the European Union.

For all this, we are in constant change and innovation.


Vibcon supports the technician installation, head of maintenance or draftsman to provide advanced solutions in acoustic and vibroacoustic insulation of activities and facilities.

We support installation technicians, maintenance managers and engineers when solving acoustic and vibroacoustic insulation problems regarding machines, activities and facilities.


Vibroacústica Control y Aislamiento S.L was set up in 2.000 as a Vibroacoustical Engineering Company with over 20 years of experience, since it was born in the heart of a leading vibration-control products firm.

The key factors of our success are both the sinergy with our clients and the duality between product manufacturer as well as Vibroacoustical Engineering Company. Nowadays Vibcon SL is directly linked to universities, through both educational programmes and research projects.

Our motto ‘good vibrations’ shows our constant interest in finding new acoustic and structural noise solutions as well as our search of excellence as company.